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Legend has it that it was at Quinta do Gradil that the Marquess of Pombal used to meet his mistress. Today, three centuries later, in the heart of 200 hectares of vineyards, a craft beer has been conceived inspired by the Belgian Dubbel abbey beers, boasting a copper colour and complex aromas. Some call it illegitimate because it was conceived on such prime wine-producing land. But everyone wants to taste it.
Its name? Xana.
It is unlikely that this was the name of such a seductive woman. But it could have been.
Let us drink to that and imagine so.


Water, barley malt, sugar and hops 


Store Xana upright in a cool place and away from sunlight. 
For a great experience, enjoy XANA at 7°C – well chilled.

Region: Sem Região Classification: Premium Type: Beer Capacity: 750 ml Alcool: 7.5% Download the Technical Sheet