Parras Wines
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Project Title:

Wines for the World

Main Objective:

To enhance the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Eligible Investment:

€ 161,167.25


€ 72,525.26

Project supported and financed by European Union Funds under the SI Qualification and Internationalization Stimulus System.
The company Parras Vinhos was founded in 2010, belongs to an important Economic Group holding a prominent position in the Portuguese wine industry and operates in the wine trade. The Parras Group dominates all areas related to wine, from production and packaging to marketing.
The company is investing heavily in internationalization, allowing it a more efficient and cost-effective outlet for its products in market segments with high added value.
Parras Vinho's investment project will be implemented by focusing on an array of promotional and international marketing initiatives in target markets: Croatia, Slovenia, United States, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Brazil, Russia and the Czech Republic.
The promotional strategy in these markets is based on the circulation of promotional material, the implementation of prospecting activities, participation in international trade fairs and the restyling of its brands.
This internationalization strategy reflects the manner in which the company addresses and considers its business activities outside the country of origin, taking into account the specific needs of customers, the actions of competitors and the situation of each country in which it operates, or may operate in the future.