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Casa das Vinhas Velhas

The vitiviniculture and oenology of Casa das Gaeiras, located in Óbidos, was entrusted to Parras Wines technicians in 2010. The main objective of the team has been to maintain the typical character and quality of the wines of old, with all that the unique terroir where the Casa das Gaeiras is located has to offer. The great reputation of this house is mainly due to the white wine produced there, which is still referred to as "part of the history of wine in Portugal" by renowned figures in the industry. Its uniqueness derives from the grapes of the increasingly rare Vital variety and the influence of the sea resulting from its proximity to the Atlantic.

Today, the Vinhas Velhas Reserve is in a perfect position to once again become an icon among the white wines of the region, where the unique character and essence of the wines of old continue to be notable. This is the result of hard work by the Parras Wines team, which over the last six years has been active in the recovery of the vineyards and the comprehension of the existing varieties.

Casa das Gaeiras has everything needed to be considered a small Chateau of the Óbidos region, where niche wines are produced on a very limited scale that place a high value on tradition.